Foreign journalists visit CPC School

BEIJING, July 2 (APP):A group of Beijing-based foreign journalists visited Party School of CPC Central Committee, a key institution set up to train top tier of members and leading cadres of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Upon their arrival, the media persons were welcomed and briefed about the history, organizational structure, main aims, specific sections within the large structure and the kind of work being done by the school, also known as China National Academy of Governance.

They visited history museum of the school, traced its history back to 1933 and early days of the Communist revolution. There were posters of various world leaders, who visited and addressed the party officials in the school.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, during his first visit to China last year, had also visited this prestigious school and addressed the trainees.

During the tea talk with teachers and officials, vice head of academic affairs of the party school Wang Gang briefed the journalists on the functioning of the school, including its training programmes, curricula, and criteria for the selection of teachers and the trainees.