BEIJING, Nov 8 (APP): China International Import Expo (CIIE) organized its first exhibition after the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

“The 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE) is the first exhibition we have attended since the Covid-19 outbreak. Our sales were very good last year, so I believe this year will be the same,” Ali, owner of Benav Enterprises said on Sunday.

This time, Ali brought Pakistani wood products, blankets, shawls, leather goods, furs, etc to the expo.

“Our products represent Pakistani culture and are handmade. Our furniture is made with safflower pear wood, which is not the same type of wood as Hainan huanghuali.

It is cheaper than huanghuali and generally made in Lahore, Sillanwali, Chiniot and Karachi city in Pakistan. Our leather goods are imported from Pakistan’s Sialkot and other cities and processed in south China’s Guangzhou city,” he told CEN.

Touching on the advantages and sales volume of Pakistani products in the Chinese market, Ali said that thanks to the China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement, China’s import tariffs on Pakistani products are relatively low, so we got many orders from China.

“We’ve had a lot of repeat customers come back and contact us through WeChat to buy again,” he added.

Ali said they were short-handed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and have to place a variety of Pakistani exhibits in one booth. “If there is a team to help, we will use 40-50 booths to show our products. We look forward to bringing our team from Pakistan and getting more booths next year.”

As for how to facilitate China-Pakistan trade in the future, Ali said, “Since I just started doing Pakistani cultural products business in recent years, I haven’t created a brand yet. I plan to design my own logo and build a brand in the future.”

Expressing his satisfaction with the service and arrangements of the expo, he said, that first of all, they felt very safe there. China has controlled the pandemic very well and no other country in the world has done so well.

Participating in the CIIE requires nucleic acid testing before entering the pavilion, which is very safe for everyone, he commented.

“Second, I think it is more convenient. Last year, we had to walk 40 minutes from the main door to our booth. This year the CIIE organizers opened the subway entrance in the exhibition hall, and it only takes 10 minutes to reach our booth from the subway entrance,” he added.

He said, third, CIIE provided advanced booth facilities. This kind of structure was one of the best in China’s domestic exhibitions. In addition, the logistics were very convenient, and the exhibits will be shipped directly to the booth.

Fourth, the organizers provided visa invitation letters for foreigners, which is a good opportunity to do business in China.