BEIJING, May 25 (APP)::Pakistan is striving to promote national development and socio-economic progress, and China’s poverty alleviation model is worth learning from, Pakistan’s Ambassador to China, Naghmana Hashmi said.
“China’s success tells us that poverty is not predestined and can be eliminated through unremitting efforts. Pakistan has drawn on China’s experience and carried out poverty alleviation projects according to local conditions,” she said in an interview with People’s Daily.
Ambassador Hashmi believed that China’s rapid development and prosperity not only demonstrated the vision of the Chinese leaders, but also tell the teal of Chinese people untiring efforts.
“I am confident that China will continue to move forward on the path of development and prosperity and make new contributions to global economic, ecological and social development,” she added.
Expounding her views on the two sessions of China, solidarity and anti-epidemic and bilateral relations, she said at present, the international community was fighting against the new coronavirus
pandemic, and the risk of global economic recession was increasing day by day. In such a special period, convening of the two sessions of China was more significant.
Ambassador Hashmi pointed out that the deep integration of the Chinese economy and the world economy, the 2020 national economic and social development plan to be considered at the National People’s Congress meeting was a major focus for observers at home and abroad.
Ambassador Hashmi said, “In the context of the new crown epidemic, we look forward to the two sessions discussing measures to improve health care and emergency response mechanisms.”
She is also very concerned about the draft civil code. “The draft civil code covers all aspects of civil life. Its regulations are the inevitable products of the current era. If passed, it will become a major milestone in the history of Chinese legislation.”
Ambassador Hashmi said this year was the year when China would build a well-off society in an all-round way, and it would also be the year of a decisive battle against poverty. China’s successful model provided valuable experience for developing countries such as Pakistan.
“Pakistan is working hard to promote national development and social and economic progress. China’s poverty alleviation model is worthy of our learning,” she said.
“China’s successful experience tells us: Poverty is not destined to be eliminated through unremitting efforts. Pakistan learns from based on China’s experience, the poverty alleviation project is carried out according to local conditions.”
Ambassador Hashmi believed that China’s rapid development and prosperity not only demonstrate the vision and vision of the country’s leaders, but also condensed the hard work of the Chinese people.
“I believe that China will continue to move forward along the path of development and prosperity and make new contributions to the global economic, ecological and social development.”
Talking about the new pneumonia epidemic, Ambassador Hashmi spoke highly of China’s anti-epidemic actions and its contribution to global anti-epidemic. “China is the first country in the world to contain the epidemic, and the Chinese economy has shown great resilience throughout the crisis.”
“After the outbreak, the Chinese government immediately took effective measures to curb the spread of the outbreak to protect people’s lives and health. The glorious victory of China’s fight against the epidemic has undoubtedly proved that these measures are effective.”
Ambassador Hashmi said China is capable and capable determined to overcome the challenge, China’s successful experience has also greatly encouraged other countries still struggling with the epidemic.
She said in terms of international cooperation in the fight against epidemics, China adheres to openness and transparency, and channels for international cooperation and consultation are open, and has provided large-scale assistance to more than 100 countries in the world.
“These actions show that as a responsible big country, China attaches great importance to international cooperation to meet global challenges.”
Ambassador Hashmi emphasized that Pakistan sincerely thanked China for the measures taken and called on the international community to strengthen cooperation. “The new crown epidemic is the most serious challenge facing the international community in 70 years. At present, the international community should strengthen solidarity and cooperation to comprehensively contain and eliminate this threat.”
Facing the future, Hashmi is full of confidence in the prospect of China-Pakistan cooperation. She pointed out that China and Pakistan are close and friendly neighbors connected by mountains and rivers. In recent years, the all-weather strategic cooperation between the two countries has been continuously deepened, and mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields has continued to expand.
“Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan made three visits to China in less than two years, fully demonstrating his commitment to further deepen bilateral relations with China. In March this year, President Arif Alvi visited China and firmly communicated with China. The people stand together to fight the epidemic.”
Ambassador Hashmi pointed out that Pakistan and China have already carried out cooperation in many fields such as trade, infrastructure, industrial cooperation, and culture, and look forward to further expanding cooperation based on these achievements.
For example, she said the signing of the second phase of the China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement opened new opportunities for bilateral trade. In addition, the second phase of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor focuses on poverty alleviation, socioeconomic development, agriculture and industrial development.
“I believe that under the leadership of the leaders of the two countries and the support of the two peoples, the all-weather strategic cooperative partnership between Pakistan and China will continue to deepen and develop,” she concluded.