China’s COVID-19 inactivated vaccines available by 2020 end

China's COVID-19 inactivated vaccines available by 2020 end

BEIJING, Sep19 (APP): The Chinese-made COVID-19 inactivated vaccines may be available on the market by the end of 2020, according to China National Biotec Group (CNBG), a subsidiary of China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation on the 2020 Zhongguancun Forum held here.

Yang Xiaoming, President of CNBG said that the novel coronavirus inactivated vaccines developed by the company have covered more than 40,000 people in clinical trials so far. An additional 350, 000 people are receiving the vaccines for emergency use. Both of the vaccines safety and efficacy are sound. It is hoped that the vaccines will be on the market before the end of 2020, China Economic Net (CEN) reported on Saturday.

Yang also said that the inactivated COVID-19 vaccines of CNBG can be effective to multiple novel Coronavirus strains around the world based on the cross-neutralization test.

In terms of the production of the inactivated COVID-19 vaccines, CNBG has set up its production workshops in just two months. The workshops actual capacity can reach 300 million doses of inactivated COVID-19 vaccines a year. CNBG is also expanding its capacity, trying to make 600 to 800 million doses annually.

Vaccination is regarded as the most important way to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. China has been leading the world in the research and development of COVID-19 vaccines.

By early August three vaccines under research in China had entered phase three clinical trials, accounting for half of the world’s total, according to the World Health Organization.

China has stated that it will make its COVID-19 vaccine a global public good when available, contributing to vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries.
CNBG is a comprehensive biopharmaceutical enterprise focusing on human vaccines, blood products, medical aesthetics and animal healthcare.

CNBG’s parent company China National Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (Sinopharm), is a large healthcare group. Sinopharm has a full chain in the industry covering R&D, manufacturing, logistics and distribution, retail chains, healthcare, engineering services, exhibitions and conferences, international business and financial services.

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