China provides most assistance to flood-hit Pakistan

China provides most assistance to flood-hit Pakistan

BEIJING, Oct 01 (APP): “China is the most reliable iron brother of Pakistan. Since the devastating floods occurred in Pakistan, among all countries, China has announced the biggest amount of assistance to Pakistan,” said Nong Rong, the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan.

In a videotaped address released on Twitter, the envoy noted, “the total amount of assistance has exceeded RMB 644 million (around US$90 million) ” adding that the assistance comes from the Chinese government, the Communist Party of China, the Chinese army, the Red Cross. Society of China and sister provinces and cities, Chinese enterprises and individuals, CEN reported.

“Instead of finger-pointing against China-Pakistan cooperation,” Nong said, “some country better do real and beneficial things for the people of Pakistan.” “Action is the truest and most powerful language”, he concluded.

Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin, while responding to the debt relief appeal by the US Secretary of State said that “The Chinese government has provided RMB 400 million worth of humanitarian assistance and China’s civil society has also lent a helping hand.”

The spokesman noted, “China and Pakistan have had fruitful economic and financial cooperation. The Pakistani people know it best,” adding that “instead of passing unwarranted criticism against China-Pakistan cooperation, the US might as well do something real and beneficial for the people of Pakistan.