China holds seminar on ‘defence economy, military logistics’ in Chongqing

China holds seminar on 'defence economy, military logistics' in Chongqing

BEIJING, Nov 30 (APP): The Chinese PLA Army Logistics Academy on Thursday held a seminar on “Defence Economy and Military Logistics” in Chongqing city.

Delegates from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Armenia attended the seminar online while representatives from more than 30 Chinese military and civil units participated in the seminar offline, Chinese Defence Ministry’s Spokesperson Senior Colonel Wu Qian said in a monthly briefing.

He further introduced that focusing on the theme of “Innovation and Practice of Defence Economy and Military Logistics in the New Era”, the delegates shared their research outcomes, experience and practice, and discussed approaches to innovation and development of defence economy and military logistics in the context of new era.

The seminar provided a platform for more international cooperation in this area.

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