Changshu textile enterprises invited to participate in Karachi TEXPO

Changshu textile enterprises invited to participate in Karachi TEXPO

BEIJING, April 27 (APP): Terming the 4th International Textile Expo (TEXPO) as the largest event in Pakistan, Commercial Counsellor, Pakistan Embassy, Ghulam Qadir has said it would provide a common platform to connect textile industry experts from home and abroad.

In his recent visit to Changshu, Suzhou City, Jiangsu province on Thursday, the commercial counsellor briefed the local textile enterprises on the current situation of the textile industry in Pakistan and the upcoming TEXPO to be held in Karachi from May 26-28.

Ghulam Qadir, along with Chief Representative of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), Shaikh Muhammad Shariq, invited the enterprises of Changshu, known as the hometown of the textile industry, to participate in the TEXPO and take advantage of the incentives and opportunities.

The TEXPO highlights the revolution of Pakistan’s textile industry, which transcends borders and supports countless jobs, improved lifestyles, enhanced identities, and the dreams of millions of people around the world.

During the visit of IBI International Group Co., Ltd. head office, the delegation held in-depth discussions with Ibrahim Munir, Group Chairman, Awan Arshad Iqbal, Director and Qasim Kamal, Group Director on China-Pakistan trade and project prospects for the future development of China-Pakistan collaborations.

The business exchange conference between Changshu Textile Enterprises and the delegation was organized and hosted by IBI Group.

Ghulam Qadir also gave a detailed introduction of Pakistan’s demographic and geographical advantages as well as a series of preferential policies, huge investment market and development potential.

Shaikh Shariq gave a forecast of the economic situation in Pakistan.

In the meeting, the Changshu textile enterprises acknowledged the investment environment of the Pakistan market and expressed their confidence in the development of China-Pakistan trade activities in the later period.

Meanwhile, during the two-day visit, the counsellor visited Changshu Textile Factory, Jaguar & Land Rover R&D Center, Changshu Textile Machinery Works Co., Ltd., Golden Morning Textile, and other leading enterprises in Changshu.

Ghulam Qadir spoke highly of the development of Changshu’s textile industry which also has great significance for the development of Pakistan’s domestic textile industry.


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