India returns Chinese soldier lost in China-India border area
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BEIJING, June 16 (APP):China on Tuesday slammed India over crossing the borderline and provocative attacks against its personnel and warned it not to take any unilateral action or stir up trouble.
“We once again solemnly ask the Indian side to follow our consensus, strictly regulate its frontline troops and do not cross the border line, do not stir up troubles or make unilateral moves that may complicate matters,” Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Zhao Lijian said during his regular briefing.
Zhao’s statement came after Indian media reported on Tuesday that an Indian Army colonel and two soldiers were killed in the clash in the Galwan valley. Indian reports also claimed there were Chinese casualties.
The spokesperson pointed out that recently to ease the situation on the China-India border, both the countries had been in close communication through military and diplomatic channels on June 6.
“But despite this consensus, on Monday the Indian troops seriously violated the consensus and twice crossed the borderline for illegal activities and provoked and attacked the Chinese personnel which led to serious physical conflict between the two sides,” he added.
Zhao Lijian said that China had lodged strong protest and representation with the Indian side, urging it to strictly restrain its frontline troops according to the consensus, and not cross the borderline and make any unilateral movement that could complicate the border situation.
He said that China and India had agreed to resolve bilateral issues through talks and contribute to the easing of tensions and maintaining peace and tranquility in border areas.
On India media reports that an Indian officers and two soldiers were killed in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh, he responded, “I am not aware of the information you provided.”
in the meantime Chinese military also warned India to stop all provocative actions, meet the Chinese side halfway and come back to the right path of solving disputes through talks, a Chinese military spokesperson said on Tuesday.
China always owns sovereignty over the Galwan Valley region, and the Indian border defense troops are inconsistent with their words and seriously violated the agreements both countries have reached, the consensus made during the army commander-level talks and harmed the relations of the two militaries and the feelings of the two countries’ peoples, Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Western Theater Command spokesperson colonel Zhang Shuili said, according to Global Times.
He said that Indian troops have broke their promises and again crossed the line of actual control in the Galwan Valley region on Monday evening and purposely launched provocative attacks, leading to severe clashes and casualties.
Talks to pull back hundreds of troops deployed in the remote region have been held over the last ten days but no breakthrough had emerged.
India and China fought a brief border war in 1962 and have not been unable to settle their border dispute despite talks spread over two decades.
Border guards have had skirmishes, even fisticuffs when patrols have confronted each other, but there has been no loss of life at the border since bloody clashes erupted in the eastern Himalayas in 1967.