NEW YORK, Sep 27 (APP):Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday told the world that any ridicule or insult to Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) gave pain to the Muslims and called for not using the freedom of speech to insult the Prophet (PBUH) to hurt his followers.

“The Prophet (PBUH) lives in our hearts. When he is ridiculed, when he is insulted, it hurts us. As we humans know… that pain of the heart is far far far more hurtful than the physical pain. And that is why the Muslims react,” the prime minister told the world leaders while addressing the United Nations General Assembly.

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He said he had always thought of explaining the subject to the world community, especially the Western community who did not deal the religion as the Muslims did.

“That’s all we ask. Do not use freedom of speech to cause us pain by insulting our Holy Prophet. This is what we want,” the prime minister said while referring to the sensitivity Jews showed to the holocaust which also gave them pain.