At UN, Pakistan calls for countering disinformation, fake news to safeguard rights

At UN, Pakistan calls for countering disinformation, fake news to safeguard rights

UNITED NATIONS, Apr 16 (APP): Pakistan has underscored importance of combating widespread cases of disinformation and fake news in order to safeguard human rights, and promote equitable access to digital resources.

Speaking in the final ‘Interactive Dialogue on the Code of Conduct for Information Integrity on Digital Platforms’, Ambassador Usman Jadoon, Deputy Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the UN, referred to the recent instances of disinformation employed by the Israeli military occupation authorities, such as the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and called for ensuring information integrity, particularly in digital spaces.

The dialogue was sponsored by the Department of Global Communication (DGC) of the United Nations. The Pakistani envoy stressed the imperative of protecting the rights of people under foreign occupation, condemning censorship, internet blackouts, and the spread of fake news by occupation forces and attempts to discredit legitimate freedom movements.

He also voiced concerns over the marginalization of minority communities through the weaponization of digital media platforms, emphasizing the violation of human rights conventions.

Ambassador Jadoon identified key challenges in regulating online content, including the decentralized nature of the internet, commercialization of online platforms prioritizing profit over accuracy, and the increasing use of AI tools for spreading false information. He called for the global principles that denounce digital imperialism and upholds core principles such as human rights, dignity, and equality.

Furthermore, he highlighted the digital divide in developing countries like Pakistan, stressing the need for investment in infrastructure and capacity-building programs to enhance digital literacy and access.

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