Asian real estate technology group expands business in Pakistan

BEIJING, Aug 20 (APP):The well-known Asian real estate technology group Juwai IQI has signed a cooperation memorandum of understanding with Pakistani real estate developer Maymar to establish a joint venture in Pakistan.

Juwai IQI, with its headquarters in Shanghai, operates, the world’s largest Chinese overseas real estate online platform and, a global portal for Asian buyers, and is engaged in real estate project sales, leasing, brokerage, branding, appraisal and marketing, according to Sina.Com, a Chinese news website.

Through its offices in Australia, Cambodia, Canada, China, the Philippines, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam, develop real estate brokerage business all over the world.

A few days ago, Juwai IQI Group (“Juwai IQI”) signed a memorandum with Maymar Housing Services (Private) Limited (“Maymar”), which is mainly engaged in urban development and other businesses in Pakistan, and plans to establish a joint venture.

The IQI brand and real estate online platform were introduced to the Pakistani real estate market. Maymar also obtained the exclusive authorization of Juwai IQI and became the exclusive agent of Juwai and IQI in Pakistan.

Kashif Ansari, Chief Executive Officer of IQI Global, believes that the Pakistani market has great potential.

“As we enter a new region, this cooperation will be a core part of the company’s future development strategy.”.