NEW YORK, Nov 10 (APP): A preview of an upcoming major educational exhibition exploring the diversity of Muslim cultures drew a large number of art lovers and diplomats to the Pakistan Mission to the United Nations, which hosted the impressive event.
Displays of art, ceramics and other forms of cultural expression from Pakistan and other Muslim countries were on view.
“America to Zanzibar” exhibition, set to take place in February, is part
of the Chidren’s Museum of New York mission to promote cross-cultural exchange and understanding, and have a positive impact on how the next generation of Americans interacts with Muslims both at home and globally.
“The exhibition aims to celebrate the richness and diversity of Muslim
cultures from around the world,” Pakistan’s UN Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi told guests on Monday evening. “The Children’s Museum will present the diverse lives and experiences of Muslim communities, including from Pakistan, through innovative mediums of sights, sounds and stories.”
There were wide gaps in perception and understanding among world
cultures and underscored the need to debunk the widespread stereotypes that still prevail about Muslims in the West, she said, adding that the exhibition was about “promoting understanding, respect, tolerance and peace among world cultures.
Appreciating the efforts of Children’s Museum, she said that the
exhibition, which will open in early 2016, would make Muslim culture accessible to children at an early age.”This is a great way to challenge and negate the widespread stereotypes”.
Ambassador Lodhi she was particularly pleased that through this
innovative exhibit so many children and families would be introduced to Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage and many other Islamic cultures from across the world. This was especially important at a time when Pakistani art and music was thriving and taking artistic expression to new levels of excellence.
She termed the exhibition as “timely” in a globalized world and said
that promoting understanding and respect among world cultures were shared and contemporary imperatives as “we raise our children and prepare them to be global citizens”.
The Pakistani ambassador also praised the contribution of
Pakistani-Americans to the US and its diverse culture.
In her remarks, Ambassador Lodhi encouraged the diplomatic community,
the United Nations, Pakistani diaspora and the media to spread the word and support the Museum and this unique exhibition in whatever way they could.
Donald Camp, Senior Adviser to the US Mission in New York, in his
remarks, highlighted the importance of inter-cultural harmony and understanding with the Muslim world. He also recounted the contribution of Muslim communities to the US.
Andrew Ackerman, Executive Director of the Children’s Museum of
Manhattan explained the whole concept of the Exhibition and how it would help the children to understand various aspects of Muslim cultures around the world.
A sitar and table player entertained guests at the reception.