Ambassador Haque seeks CBCGDF’s support for combating climate change in Pakistan

BEIJING, June 23 (APP): Pakistan Ambassador Moin ul Haque met with Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) at the embassy.

Dr. Zhou briefed the Ambassador on the functioning of CBCGDF and invited him to visit the sites of various projects undertaken by the organization.

Acknowledging Pakistan’s strong credentials in agriculture and the need for climate action, he listed areas of potential collaboration particularly in the fields of de-desertification, biodiversity conservation and pest control.

The Ambassador underlined the increasing importance attached by the government of Pakistan to environmental protection and combatting climate change, highlighting various initiatives taken by Pakistan in these areas.

Noting the growing cooperation between China and Pakistan in agriculture sector, he sought CBCGDF’s support and solicited concrete project proposals.

CBCGDF is a leading environmental NGO of China having around 30 years of experience in biodiversity conservation and institutional linkages within China and with various multilateral organizations.