Fiscal discipline, efficient economic policies paving way for development : Sindh Governor

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KARACHI, April 12 (APP): Fiscal disciplining and efficient economic polices of the federal government are producing desired results in particular context of improved GDP, said Governor of Sindh, Muhammad Zubair here on Wednesday.
Speaking at the two day conference organized by Pakistan Credit Rating Agency, he said by the end of current year the national GDP will touch the mark of five percent, while government is trying its level best to bring it to six percent to seven percent.
“Similarly we can also witness that the fiscal loss has declined from 8.6% to 4% while the volume of CPEC associated businesses has already crossed $62 billion,” he said.
Mentioning that transparency plays a crucial role in achieving the economic targets, he said steady progress in gross national productivity will further guarantee economic stability in the country. With particular reference to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Muhammad Zubair said its numerous valuable projects include energy projects.
The Governor of Sindh reiterated that law and order, provision of basic facilities and infrastructure development are among the top priorities of the government.
“Restoration of peace in Karachi is well reflective of the government’s approach as this is well understood that country’s financial future lies with development of the metropolis,” he said.
Emphasising that easy accessibility to civic facilities is the right of citizens in Karachi, he said series of projects have been initiated here with the support of the federal government.
Completion of M-9, he said, will facilitate citizens in inter-city travelling while Green Line Service will be of great help for commuters in the metropolis itself.
The Sindh Governor said that road network would help improve environmental conditions in the province and also referred to Lyari Expressway alongwith K-IV water scheme.
Mentioning that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has visited Sindh no less than six times in two month’s time, he said series of development projects have been announced for other parts of the province too.
These, he said also include schemes to end loadshedding from all parts of the province besides improving healthcare and provision for potable water to the masses.
The conference was also addressed by Guan Jianzhong, the Chairman and CEO, Daging Global Credit Rating Company Ltd. former Finance Secretary, Dr. Waqar Masood Ahmed Khan, former CEO Engro, Asif Ansari, PSX Managing Director, Nadeem Naqvi and other experts including Shabbar Zaidi, Dr. Mushtaq Ali Khan etc.