Film stars, producers welcome announcement of first ever National Film Policy

ISLAMABAD, Feb 27 (APP):The leading artists, actors and film producers on Tuesday highly appreciated and welcomed the government for announcing the first-ever National Film and Culture Policies.
Renowned singers Mutanikar, Ahmed Ali Khan, legend Actors Qavi Khan, Mustafa Qureshi, Film Producer Zeba Bakhtiar, Usman Pirzada, Syed Noor, Babra Sharif, Sheema Kirmani and Film Star Shan and Meera in their remarks lauded the efforts of government for organizing a three-day National Artists Convention for formulation of charter of demands to resolve the problems being faced by the art and artists.
Legend Actor Qavi Khan expressed hope that the new National film policy would be implemented for promotion of art and artists of the country.
Film Star Meera congratulated the organizers of three-day National Artists Convention, adding that this initiative would play vital role in the promotion of Pakistan film industry.
Film Producer, Director Syed Noor welcomed the announcement of National Film Policy, saying that it was great movement to work for the revival of film industry.
The film producers and actors also welcomed the co-production of film between Pakistan and China, saying this initiative would play very vital role in promotion of film industry of the country.
Film star Mustafa Qureshi said that most exciting movement in his life to talk about film and its revival. He highly appreciated the government for announcing film policy and co-production of China and Pakistan, adding that through co-production we can learn from each other experience.
The new National Film Policy envisages formally according the status of industry to the film industry; establishment of finance fund and film academy; building of film studios; restoration of the Directorate of Films and Publications and abolition of duty on import of film equipment, film censor fee and sales tax; inclusion of artists in the health scheme and 70% rebate to the foreign film producers on traveling allowance and eatables.
The policy also stipulates that on national days only the Pakistani films would be screened. Film studios will be set up under the public private partnership and the Government will provide land for the project. 80% rebates would also be given as far as the construction of cinemas are concerned.
Director General PNCA Syed Jamal Shah said that National Artists Convention was the vision of former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to providing an opportunity to artists to come up with the suggestions and recommendations for the promotion of art and culture. He thanked all the artists, producers and singers for participating in the event and giving their valuable suggestions for the revival of film industry and culture.