Skilled workforce engine of economic growth, social development

Skilled workforce engine of economic growth, social development
Skilled workforce engine of economic growth, social development

By Taj Nabi Khan

ISLAMABAD, Dec 05 (APP): Substantial share in employment opportunities, sustainable economic growth and social development is closely linked with human resource development, market-oriented professional skills, relevant-to-industry technical education, and vocational training in the highly competitive environment.

No one can deny the importance of skilled workforce as both locally and globally they play a vital role in boosting the economy. The full-fledged and large scale technical education programs can multiply remittances by creating a promising skilled workforce.

The demand of IT experts, advanced digital skills, and trained resource persons have been increased manifold.

Human resource development improves economic growth and productivity as the socioeconomic development is not possible without catering the bulging youth of the country with skill development programs.

Therefore, the promotion of technical education and Information Technology has become imperative for sustainable economic growth, job opportunities and high volume of remittances. The global as well as the regional markets hire only skilled resource persons who can run factories, companies and industries.

Pakistan, the fifth largest young country on map of the world with more than 63 percent population comprised of youth aged between 15 and 33 has no other choice but to utilize the untapped potential of the youngsters.

The demographic power is the major driving force for economic growth and substantial social progress. The country has not yet fully utilized the potential of the youth. Instead of sending hard labors abroad, if Pakistan could dispatch skilled labor, the remittances would be doubled.

The workforce has slowly recognized that importance of technical education as it is linked with better chances of employability and higher economic rewards. Skilled labor and knowledge-based economy can accelerate economic growth and social development through entrepreneurship and industrialization.

The Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) sector can create the possibility of strong careers for the youth in national and global markets.

Only linking education with industry and training individuals with demand-driven skills as per the market needs would make them able to make valuable contribution to the economy and society at large.

With the required skills and professional trainings, the skilled resource persons can fully explore both the domestic and international markets.