PM’s historic package for Mansehra to address civic issues

PM’s historic package for Mansehra to address civic issues

By Muhammad Hamid

ABBOTTABAD, Jun 26 (APP): The Prime Minister’s developmental package worth Rs. one billion for Mansehra would help address the lingering civic issues on priority basis.

As the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) took the charge of federal government, Prime Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and Vice President PML-N Maryam Safdar have announced a special developmental package for the neglected district of Hazara including establishment of a medical college and various other developmental schemes of roads, hospitals, water supply etc. to resolve issues being faced by the people.

The people of Mansehra have lauded the developmental projects adding that after a long time of about one decade, the PML-N government has provided relief to the masses and announced mega development schemes in the area.

Talking to APP, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) General Secretary District Mansehra Niazi said that the Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) has special always focused development of the region. He said that during the last eight years of PTI government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa no single mega project was announced for Manshera.

Ex-Nazim and leader of PML-N district Mansehra Said Ghulam told the news agency that the provincial government was earning huge revenue from the tourist spots of the district but in return it did not spend in the region. He said, “You can see the deteriorated condition of the roads all across the district and shortage of clean drinking water in Mansehra city.” Therefore, in some areas of the city, residents had no option but purchase water through tankers, he added.

Said Ghulam said that graveyard was another major concern of the people of the city despite the fact that in 2015 during the then PML-N government Rs. 200 million were approved for the purpose. But after passing seven years, the provincial government could not complete the project, he said.

“Being a part of the committee which has prepared recommendations for the developmental schemes in Mansehra with PM’s one billion rupees grant, I am sure most of the civic problems would be resolved amicably”, he added.

Besides Rs.1 billion funds for the resolution of Mansehra’s civic problems, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has also announced the establishment of a medical college and the long-awaited Hazara Electric Supply Company (HESCO).

Syed Noman Shah, a local journalist said that district Mansehra was the hub of PML-N and whenever Muslim League-N came into power they had addressed the issues of the people on priority basis. He said that the current announcement of a of development package for district Mansehra would help resolve many civic issues.
“During the past eight years of PTI government, no major developmental scheme was launched in Manshera which has pushed the people of the district into backwardness.”
The PM’s historic package would change the fate of the people, he added.

While talking about the infrastructure and roads situation, he said that Mansehra was a tourist destination where roads and other facilities were important to attract the tourists. But unfortunately the KP government has not focused on road infrastructure of the district which was badly damaged.

He said that the feasibility report of the developmental projects also comprised 15-20 connecting roads, two main bridges on River Kunhar and River Siran, two major water supply schemes for Mansehra city, provision of land for graveyard and others.

Noman Shah said that during 2015 a three-phased program for the provision of Sui gas was chalked out where natural gas lines were installed in Manshera city during the first phase and as the second phase was started the project was closed after the change of government in 2018.

“Now through the PM’s billion rupees package for Mansehra, the remaining two phases of the natural gas provision project would be completed and the people of Naran valley and surrounding areas would also get benefited from the supply of gas.

The gas facility would also save a vast area of forest in district Mansehra which is now used as firewood,” he added.