ISLAMABAD, Dec 9 (APP): Leading abstractionist painter Mansoor Rahi said on Wednesday that painting is a very strong instrument and language which help to propagate through art painting all over the world.
Talking to a private news channel, he said that the people from any part of the world can understand painting as an international language with strong meaning to preach lot of important things through the mute canvass to depict the surrounding on the canvas.

He said culture of appreciating the painting art and collector ofpainting needs lot of skill of appreciation as its improving day by day and
awareness about it is coming up with positive response.
Mansoor Rahi said that since the beginning of his career as painter he
believed on the theory of seeing the nature deeply as to how the God has given the beautiful nature to us added that an art student should observe a flower,keenly and feel the fragrance of it and then learn how to draw paint a flower and how to depict fragrance from the flower on it.
He said during his study years in art collage, his principal told him
to study the nature of God and explore the beauty of God in it.
He mentioned that he has painted down on different topics such as world food crisis, black terror etc.
His suggested that since painting is a visual activity so the private
media should be careful while displaying painting things on the tv channels.
Replying to a question , he said painting culture will flourish in the
coming time and inspire the people added that it can be made more popular
through mobile exhibitions displaying painting items and this should be
started in every city .