Exhibition “Thar and Water” starts at RAC

RAWALPINDI, May 25 (APP);- An exclusive exhibition titled “Thar and Water” started here at Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC) on Wednesday.

Artist, Kirshan Samaro came with a theme, telling the story of Thar desert and scarcity of water which was its dire need.
Additional Commissioner, Coordination, Tariq Mehmood Tariq inaugurated the exhibition. Resident Director (RAC) Waqar Ahmed was also present on the occasion.

The exhibition features 28 oil-on-canvas paintings that pay homage to the nomadic women who travel to fetch water in far-flung areas carrying traditional pitchers on their heads.

The artist painted them in vivid detail fascinated by the Thar lifestyle. The paintings are textured and layered, whether it is the trailing dress, the pitcher delicately hoisted atop a woman’s head, empty pictures symbolizes death, traditional hut and caravan with camels depicting the endless desert terrain.

Kirshan, who was born in Samaro, Sindh, is deeply rooted to his land of origin and is inspired by the folk culture and heritage of Thar. Kirshan Samaro has previously exhibited his work in Karachi and Hyderabad but its his first ever exhibition at Rawalpindi which will remain open till May 28.

He done Masters in Fine Arts and shifted to federal capital for better future but remained in clinch of nostalgia and according to him these are not only his paintings but also his feelings about Thar.

Thar has traditionally captured the imagination of many artists but what sets Kirshan apart, “is his unique expression and the treatment of his subjects; instead of painting some fantasy, he focuses on bringing the realism of the subject which is importance of water in Thar”, Tariq Mehmood Tariq said while addressing the inaugural ceremony of the exhibition.