‘Hobipalooza’ trends as BTS J-hope rocks the Lollapalooza floor


ISLAMABAD, Aug 2 (APP):BTS J-hope made history as he tore up the stage with his rocking performance at Lollapalooza, becoming the 1st Korean headliner of the event to do so.

Reportedly, J-hope became the highest ticket-selling artist in Lollapalooza’s history as the event saw a massive turn out at the 4th day of the music festival.

The unmatched, energetic and dynamic performance at biggest musical event of Chicago made fans go crazy for the performer as they stormed up twitter with the new trend entitling the concert as ‘Hobipalooza’ instead of Lollapalooza.

The talented rapper and member of world’s biggest musical group BTS, J-hope had announced his 1st solo debut at the US music festival a month ago which turned out be an enormous success for him evident through the huge response the artist got with the crowd cheering and singing along to all of his songs while lighting up the whole arena with glowing orbs (lightening sticks).

Since the videos from the festival went viral on social media, fans can’t keep calm but to share their happiness and appraisal for the BTS star.

“We waited 3 years for this performance and it was more than we expected,” a fan tweeted.

“Everyone around us was shouting the lyrics the whole concert, I’m so proud and look at him WOW,” another fan appraised the artist.

“HOBIPALOOZA was insane. I typically go to rock concerts and I have been to lolla before and nothing was like this. So proud of THE JUNG HOSEOK,” a fan shared feeling happy and proud.

While exploding the internet with so much admiration for the charismatic rapper, few armys (bts fandom) also shared the views of locals from Chicago who have attended such concert of any Korean singer for the first time, in order to showcase that how powerful musical impact J-hope had upon the international audience.

“I don’t listen to a lot of artists whose lyrics are in different languages, but the one that I do never feel hard to understand musically or emotionally. That’s the vibe I got with J-hope. I was really impressed with his stage presence and ended up enjoying several tracks,” an army shared reviews of locals via tweet.

BTS are perhaps the most overwhelming musical force the world has ever known, and by this massive lollapalooza hit, J-hope has kicked off a new era for BTS which will surely be remembered for long.

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