Food Fusion: First Pakistani food channel to cross 1 billion views on YouTube

Food Fusion: First Pakistani food channel to cross 1 billion views on YouTube

ISLAMABAD, Jan 7 (APP):It is indeed a remarkable achievement for the duo, Asad Memon and his wife Saima Asad, whose brainchild, Food Fusion wrapped up 2021 by becoming the first Pakistani food channel to cross one billion views on YouTube.

They launched their YouTube channel on May 9, 2016. Six years down the road Food Fusion has come a long way as it is a well known food channel among Pakistani women and men who love to cook.

Asad and Saima abandoned their full-time jobs to make cooking videos. With their intelligent and persistent content creation they have set an example for aspiring content creators to flourish in the digital world.

Food Fusion is now a successful platform that is growing by folds for sharing all food recipes for foodies around the world. In a short span of time Food Fusion has become a leading name when it comes to recipe videos.

They have managed to create a special place in the hearts of their viewers and give a tough time to their competitors in engaging the audience. Their popularity skyrocketed during the pandemic as many who never cooked before had a chance to learn new cooking recipes and acquire new skills.

Their channel has been able to attract all age groups and genders including young adults and is disrupting the food content market with its quick and time-saving recipes. It has offered the most inventive ideas for preparing Italian, Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, and, of course, South Asian dishes through its study on unusual recipes.

Shafaq Babar, a regular follower of Food Fusion from Islamabad, said: “There are many food channels on social media that never grow at this rate because there is either too much talk or a recipe that isn’t well demonstrated. Food Fusion piqued viewers’ interest by producing short but powerful recipes videos, each lasting only a few minutes”.

She added: “People were able to learn recipes and be entertained at the same time. And it’s natural for people to come back if they aren’t bored. That’s one of the reasons behind Food Fusion’s success.”

Asad Memon, founder and CEO of Food Fusion, said while talking to APP that their objective was to make Pakistan popular for its food, promote food tourism and Pakistani culture all over the world.

He said: “We are currently designing a menu for an international restaurant, the menu will include special recipes by Food Fusion and we are also planning to focus on another channel Healthy Fusion”.

Food Fusion has not only gained popularity through YouTube, this channel is growing on almost all giant social media platforms. It has over 5 million Facebook fans, 1.5 million Instagram fans and 1.1 million TikTok fans.

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