‘Abdullah’ set to air in Ramazan


ISLAMABAD, Mar 22 (APP): Leading the way through the best practices, the drama series ‘Abdullah’ will capture the hearts this Ramazan.
As Ramazan teaches us Patience, humanity & self-reflection, every year various channels air special dramas based upon such themes like spreading the message of kindness, rectitude, love for humanity, and hope.

Witnessing the huge success of previous Ramazan special dramas, this year also various channels put up their efforts to produce something unique and worth watching. Among all such new Ramazan special projects ‘Abdullah’ holds a special place as its focused to inspire the young minds through its heartwarming character of a young child who is ready to change not just himself but also everyone around him for good.

So far, three teasers of the project have been aired till now while the episodes are anticipated to be aired in Ramazan.

Having renowned names of the industry as the star cast including Haroon Shahid, Sumbul Iqbal, Shehryar Haider, and Ali Riazvi along with other co-stars this upcoming drama series is directed by Shahid Younus which will be aired under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment soon.

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