Violent mob sets APP & PBC offices on fire

Violent mob sets APP & PBC offices on fire

PESHAWAR, May 10 (APP): Hundreds of violent protesters on Wednesday stormed into the building of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) here and ransacked the offices of Associated Press of Pakistan and PBC and set the whole building on fire.

The crowd broke the main gate of the building located in the Red Zone after attacking the police and security staff.

They completely damaged the vehicles parked on the premises and then turned to the four-storey building where the PBC and APP staffers were performing duty in their offices.

They not only harassed the staffers snatching their valuables including mobile phones, but also took precious equipment including computers, laptops, telephones and other handy items with them.

After ransacking the offices, they set the whole building on fire. Fortunately, no loss of human life occurred. Only an official of the PBC trapped in the fire jumped from the third floor and got his leg fractured.

The police reached the spot and dispersed the mob.

It was the second attack by the violent mob on the PBC building in two days. Earlier they had also set ablaze the model of Chaghi mountain installed on its premises.

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