Sweeping crackdown: 3,792 power pilferers apprehended in Mepco

Sweeping crackdown: 3,792 power pilferers apprehended in Mepco
MULTAN, Sep 16 (APP):Multan Electric Power Company (Mepco) claimed to apprehend a total of 3,792 electricity pilfering during the intensive campaign within last week.
According to official sources, in a resolute effort following the directives of Prime Minister Pakistan, an extensive operation against electricity theft in the Mepco region has produced remarkable outcomes. From September 7th to September 15th, law enforcement agencies and MEPCO teams have been relentless in their pursuit of curbing this illicit practice. The culprits faced a collective fine exceeding Rs 172 millions, signifying the government’s determination to recover losses incurred due to theft.
Authorities have also taken a stringent stance against the perpetrators, with 2,458 cases registered against them, emphasizing the importance of accountability. In a commendable show of swift action, 1,887 cases have already been lodged, and the legal process is well underway.
Collaboration between MEPCO teams and law enforcement personnel has led to the arrest of 63 electricity pilferers in Multan, demonstrating the effectiveness of this joint operation.
Furthermore, the crackdown extended beyond Multan, with three individuals arrested in Muzaffargarh, seven in DG Khan, seven in Vehari, 17 in Bahawalpur, and two in Sahiwal. The most significant apprehensions were recorded in Bahawalnagar, with 24 individuals taken into custody for their involvement in electricity theft.
This operation has revealed the extent of electricity theft, with a staggering 3,503 household consumers found complicit in this illegal activity across 9 operation circles managed by Mepco. Additionally, 258 commercial entities, 78 tube wells, and 13 industries were caught pilfering electricity, underscoring the diverse nature of this problem.
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