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Speedy justice system vital to root out extremism: Governor

LAHORE, Nov 03 (APP): Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said on Wednesday that speedy justice system was vital to root out extremism and other social evils.

When law breakers would be handed down punishments within days and not in months and years, no one would dare to spread anarchy and disrupt law in the country.

Addressing a ceremony and later talking to the media at a local hotel, he said that only the government spokesperson could tell about the agreement with TLP (Tehrik-e-Labbaik Pakistan).

India is resorting to violence and gross human rights violations against the Kashmiri people and Indian Muslims, he said.

The Governor Punjab said that some people tried to disrupt law and order situation in United Kingdom a few years ago, but their courts handed down them exemplary punishment through speedy proceedings of the courts, adding that if such precedent was once made in Pakistan,no one would ever dare to take law into one’s hands.

He said that supremacy of law in the country was imperative to root out extremism and other evils.

Responding to a question, the Punjab Governor said that he was not part of negotiations between the government and the TLP; therefore, he could not tell about the clauses on which the government and the TLP agreed upon.

He further made it clear that as far Senator Ijaz Chaudhry’s agreement with the TLP is concerned,either Ijaz Chaudhry or party spokesman could tell about it as he was not the spokesman appointed by the party.

The Punjab Governor said that it was very painful that International community believed in India’s fake propaganda and lies while the reality was this India was the biggest terrorist which was involved in genocide of Kashmiri people.

He said the International community should play its role to stop the atrocities of India against Kashmiri people and other minorities living in India.

He urged the political and religious parties to play their role to thwart nefarious plans of India.Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said, “We stand united with our Kashmiri brethren”.

Time would certainly come when Kashmiri people would be liberated from the tyranny of India, he added.


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