Smokers urged to quit smoking to avoid heart diseases

Smokers urged to quit smoking to avoid heart diseases
HYDERABAD, Aug 22 (APP):A cardiologist on Tuesday urged smokers to quit smoking as it damages nearly every organ in the body, besides mental health issues among the individuals.
“People can significantly reduce their chance of smoking-related disease by giving it up,” said Dr Zaman.
Talking to APP, he informed that tobacco smoke contains more than fifty chemicals that cause cancer.
He said that tobacco also contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive psychoactive drug. When tobacco is smoked, nicotine causes physical and psychological dependency, he added.
He said that every third Pakistani after the age of 40 was suffering from high blood pressure, whereas only 3 per cent of them get regular medical checkups.
He said that smoking is not only injurious for the users, but passive smoking is also a great threat to those who associate with the smokers as inhaling cigarette smoke could cause more complications, he added.
Dr. Zaman said that smoking is the biggest totally avoidable cause of death and disability known to mankind and any support for the growth, distribution or sale of tobacco is indefensible on public health grounds.
Dr. said that smoking can also cause a threat of ten per cent more oral cancer such as tongue, mouth and buckle cavities and 15 per cent to other diseases including cardiac, tuberculosis, asthma and shrinking of mouth tissues and respiratory system, the cardiologist added.
He further informed that alternate use of smoking like anti-smoking chewing, Gutka, leaf with chewing tobacco and battle nut are more dangerous for those who left smoking. Only strong willpower can bring them back towards a healthy life, he added.
Dr. Zaman said that many of the college including school students found to be regular smokers. He said and added that one of the most effective ways to protect young people from the harmful effects of tobacco use is to ban the promotion of tobacco products.
He said that Pakistan needs a total ban on tobacco advertising if the country has to protect its young people or our young generation from the hazards of smoking.
He said that tobacco advertising has a strong influence on children, as it ‘normalizes’ smoking, making it socially acceptable, and difficult for health education to convince people.
He said that nicotine-chewing gums could also be used. He said the family and friends of the person quitting should encourage him. Help could always be sought from a psychiatrist.
Dr. Zaman emphasized the need for community-based efforts with a massive awareness campaign about the hazards of the use of smoking so that people could stop such addiction for the health of their own and their relatives and friends.
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