Scooty riding trend rising in Sargodha

Scooty riding trend rising in Sargodha
SARGODHA, Feb 25 (APP):Like other cities of the country, the trend of bike riding among women is also on the rise in Sargodha.
Students, teachers and working women, fed up with high fairs of rickshaw and taxi, have started using their own motorcycles. Female scooty users said it was not only economical but also a fast mode of travel to reach  educational institutions and workplaces.
Talking to APP here on Sunday, Myra Ali, who works at a private bank, said: “Since the day I started riding a scooty to reach my workplace, it ended my dependency on others. For being affordable and offering quick mobility, I would suggest every girl use it,” she added.
Another scooty rider, Samia Gulzar, who is an employee at a college, said it had nothing to do with feminism or liberalism or women empowerment.
“We are simple working women who leave their homes to make a living for our family. It has rid me of waiting at bus stops in rain and sweltering heat,” she added.
Parents are also encouraging their daughters to learn to ride a scooty so they could reach their workplaces and educational institutions without relying on others.
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