Saints served Islam for Muslims’ unity: NA Speaker

Saints served Islam for Muslims' unity: NA Speaker

RAWALPINDI, Jun 08 (APP): Speaker of National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf on Thursday said that shrines of the saints have rendered valuable services for the unity of the Muslim Ummah and “we should seek guidance from them”.

While addressing a big congregation of devotees on the occasion of the 126th Rehmat-Ul Lil-Aalamin’s (SAWW)conference here at Eidgah Sharif, he said that Muslim unity was the need of the hour, urging the countrymen to play their role for progress, prosperity and stability of the country by forging unity and harmony.

“We should extend our support to the Pakistan Army to maintain law and order,” he said and added that “We would continue their struggle for the restoration of peace and stability in the country.”

Raja said some anti-state elements want to weaken the unity of the country by promoting hate while the nation would never accept their agenda. He urged religious scholars to demonstrate unity to strengthen the country.

The speaker said that Islam preaches peace, religious tolerance, and equality and stressed educating the people according to the teachings of Islam.

“Pakistan is an outcome of the benefaction of Sufi saints and we can protect the solidarity of the country by following the teachings of the Saints,” he added.

Pervez said that Prophet(SAWW) brought the message of peace, love, compassion, and humanity and preached tolerance and understanding.

He said the entire life of the Holy Prophet(SAWW) was a source of inspiration and guidance for the Muslims to follow and to succeed in their lives and the hereafter, he said.

The need for peace, love, harmony, tolerance and understanding was never required as it is today, he added.

In his presidential address, Custodian of Eid Gah Sharif Pir Muhammad Naqib-ur-Rehman said that by forging unity among them, making Madina Munawwara their center of gravity and by really loving the Holy Prophet (SAWW), Muslims can overcome all their problems and difficulties and can face the challenges.

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