Rescue 1122 chalk out plan for Independence Day

RAWALPINDI, Aug 13 (APP): Rescue 1122 Rawalpindi has issued a special plan to provide security, cover to jubilant for Independence Day being celebrated on Sunday.

District Emergency Officer Engineer Kamran Rashid had given instructions to all officers to perform their duties dedicatedly on the occasion of the Day.

He directed that all emergency vehicles will be operational at all times to meet any eventuality whereas, Special rescue posts will be established at Faizabad, Commercial Market, Jinnah Park, Committee Chowk, GPO Chowk Sadar, Giga Mall and Ayub Park.

He urged that Parents should not allow their children to go one-wheeling on Independence Day.

One-wheeling is a dangerous game as well as life-threatening, it must be discouraged, he added.

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