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Rangers seize large quantity of drugs

KARACHI, Dec 18 (APP): Pakistan Rangers Sindh executed a significant anti-narcotics operation near the Abdul Jabbar check post in Jacobabad, acting on prior intelligence.
The operation, disclosed by a Rangers spokesman on Monday, intercepted a truck carrying a substantial quantity of drugs camouflaged within a load of cement. The intended route for these smuggled drugs was from Balochistan to the Khairpur region in Sindh.
Upon encountering rigorous scrutiny by the Pakistan Rangers at the check post, the perpetrators fled, abandoning the truck at a distance. A subsequent search of the suspicious vehicle led to the discovery of 620 kg of hashish concealed within secret compartments. Furthermore, the authorities seized 700 bags of cement loaded onto the truck.
The confiscated drugs hold an estimated value of approximately 30 million rupees. Efforts are underway to trace and apprehend those responsible, with investigations focusing on the truck’s owners and cement suppliers. Raids are being conducted in pursuit of the individuals involved in this illicit activity.

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