Punjab to restructure five civic facilities to mitigate environmental hazards

Punjab Govt
LAHORE, Sep 22 (APP): The Punjab government has decided to improve infrastructure and introduce initiatives for better functioning of five sectors, directly or indirectly linked with environmental issues namely, public transport system, Safe City Project cameras, traffic system, policing system, Solid Waste Management and road infrastructure.
An official of the Punjab government told APP that work on upgradation of these sectors’ improvement would help upgrade environmental conditions in Lahore, and launch of these initiatives was on the cards. Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, during his ongoing China visit, expressed keen interest in observing the model and functioning methodologies in these fields.
Lahore Development Authority (LDA) former director Estate Management, Aslam Langah, told APP that consumption choices and human lifestyle are profoundly changing the infrastructure, size and density of cities, causing civic facility complexities, directly involved in environmental-degradation.
Cities’ expansion on an unusual pace is alarming and calls for immediate and effective measures in improving civic facilities, so that carbon emission and environmental hazards could be improved. “We need socially and economically balanced growth without further damage to environment,” Langah added.
Noted environmentalist Mehmood Khalid Qamar, in a talk with APP, pleaded that expanding Lahore city had generated environmental issues, that are an amplifier of great relevance to climate adaptation strategies and the modern research tacked many ways to effectively mitigate air and water quality deterioration.
“We need to manage urban environment quality through climate-sensitive urban designs, as we are facing broken roads, unchecked heavy movement of unapproved vehicles and lack of civic amenities,” he added.
He stressed promoting better planning and understanding of the environmental issues, caused by the unplanned civic facilities, adding that “We also need strict implementation of laws and penalise across the board all those violating the civic laws.”
The provincial metropolis is driven by multiple socioeconomic and environmental processes and the impact of urbanization, causing rapid lack of civic amenities is having serious impact on Lahore’s environment which is being deteriorated by massive human activity.
Global human population, mega cities expansion and urban development are increasing at unprecedented rates, creating huge stress on worldwide natural resources, environment and water and air quality, the expert said. According to UN-Habitat findings, the global-community is becoming increasingly urbanised with more than half of the population living in cities, exerting extra pressure on resources, causing multiple climate
change challenges.
Meanwhile, Caretaker CM Mohsin Naqvi said that the Punjab government was keenly endeavouring to attain the target of durable progress by benefiting from experiences of China in both civic and environmental issues. He also visited Chinese mega city Beijing during his ongoing tour and reviewed the civic facilities.
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