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PTI’s former MPA booked in three cases

BOUREWALA, Sep 14 (APP):Three cases were registered against former PTI MPA Ijaz Bandisha in the local police station on various charges.
According to an official of Ghal Syal Police Station, FIRs were lodged on the report of Saqib Iqbal, r/o 481/EB, Touqeer Nasir, r/o 481/EB and Abdur Rasheed, r/o 481/EB.
Saqib Iqbal alleged that the former MPA broke his leg along with the accomplices, Altaf and Abbas for displaying panaflex of Malik Nousher Langryal to congratulate him for joining PML-N.
Abdur Rasheed said in another FIR that Ejaz Bandesha snatched his tractor by cheating. Zafar Iqbal and Khizer Hayyat were also booked as accomplices of Ejaz Bandesha for embezzling the tractor, stated Abdur Rasheed.
Touqee Nasir alleged that the former MPA along with Ejaz and Sultan had bulldozed four walls of his house.
All of the applicants moved applications same time against the former MPA belonging to the same locality, 481/EB.

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