PTI’s allegations on ECP, Punjab govt reflecting frustration: Kundi

PTI's allegations on ECP, Punjab govt reflecting frustration: Kundi

D.I.KHAN, Jul 13 (APP): Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Information Secretary Faisal Karim Kundi on Wednesday said that the leadership of PTI was foreseeing its defeat in the upcoming by-election in Punjab and levelling of baseless allegations against Punjab government and Election Commission was clearly reflecting its frustration.

“The masses of Punjab are very well aware of the fact that the Imran Khan led previous government’s policies created hurdles like signing of agreements with IMF regarding increase in prices of petroleum products and electricity,” he said while talking to APP.

As a result of such agreements, it became inevitable for current government to jack up the prices of petroleum products and electricity. However, the coalition government was not oblivious to the difficulties of the people in wake of inflation and the situation would gradually come to the normal, he reiterated.

Kundi said that the previous government of PTI wracked havoc with the institutions and the country’s economy suffered due to over three and a half years by promoting corrupt practices like nepotism and bad administration.

He regretted that the Imran Khan led government badly failed to launch any mega project despite the fact that the country was overburdened with unprecedented and record loans.

He said above all the key development projects like CPEC were put in the cold storage which hurt the trust of our time tested friendly country China.

But now this government has taken effective damage control measures, yielding concrete results and improvement had been witnessed in relation with China, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

He added that the provision of loans on soft conditions to the country was picking high volume of the fact.

The PPP information secretary said that their was worst type of bad governance and corruption during the PTI government and now in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa too corruption, unemployment, nepotism were on rise.

The people of province were desperately awaiting relief oriented measures.