PM Kakar address at UNGA widely hailed in KP

Manzoorul Haq

PESHAWAR, Sep 22 (APP): People of all walks of life including diplomats and international relations experts here Friday night widely hailed the address of caretaker Prime Minister, Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and declared it very comprehensive, wide-ranging and as per wishes and aspirations of Pakistanis and Kashmiris.

Former Ambassador, Manzoorul Haq told APP that Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar has boldly highlighted the issue of Kashmir and reiterated the principle stand of Pakistan of addressing it as per UN Security Council Resolutions.

He said the fascist Modi Govt went against the UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir after revoking the special status of IIOJK on August 5, 2019.

Ambassador Manzoor said that IIOJK was a disputed territory and India could not deprive the people of the held valley of freedom through the use of brutal force and abuses against women and children.

Despite the deployment of over 900,000 troops in IIOJK, imposition of long curfews, extended lockdowns, putting all the genuine Kashmir leaders in jails and extra-judicial killing of oppressed Kashmiris, the fascist Modi Govt had failed to suppress the freedom movement in IIOJK.

Ambassador Manzoor urged the international community including UNSC members to implement its resolutions on Kashmir the way it had done on East Taimur.

He said durable peace in South Asia could not be established unless the resolution of the Kashmir dispute in which four wars were already fought between Pakistan and India.

He warned that another war between the two nuclear-armed countries would be disastrous for the entire region.

Professor Dr. Ejaz Khan, ex-chairman International Relations Department, at the University of Peshawar, said that the caretaker Prime Minister has focused on all key wide-ranging issues, especially the cross-border terrorist attacks against Pakistan by Afghanistan-based TTP, Daesh and the threat posed by far-right groups like Hindutva-inspired extremists.

He said that the recent attack in Chitral from across the western border has testified to the negative designs of TTP and Daesh against Pakistan.

Dr. Ejaz said that the people of Pakistan are standing shoulder to shoulder with its valiant security forces to frustrate the negative designs of the anti-Pakistan elements.

Dr. Ejaz highly appreciated Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar for raising the issue of Islamophobia, global economic crises stemming from Covid 10, climate change, Sustainable Development Goals and the UNSC reform at the world’s highest diplomatic forum in an effective way.

Yousaf Sarwar, former President Sarhad of the Chamber and Industry while lauding the Prime Minister’s address at UNGA said that the establishment of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) would greatly help expedite investment decisions and attract investment in agriculture, mining, energy and IT.

He said jobs for youth would be created in railway, infrastructure and manufacturing projects during the second phase of CPEC that has already been started.

Professor Dr., H.R Hialali, former Chairman Political Science Department, University of Peshawar termed the address of the Prime Minister as historic, and inclusive and praised him for raising a strong voice for the oppressed Kashmiris of IIOJK at UNGA.

“India could neither change the disputed status of IIOJ&K, as enshrined in UNSC resolutions nor could it force Pakistan and Kashmiris to accept the illegal outcomes. Time is near when Kashmiris would get freedom from Indian yoke,” he said.

Dr Hilali said the road to peace in the subcontinent was passing through Kashmir and lasting peace and stability in the region could not be established unless resolution of this core issue as per the wishes of Kashmiris.

He also appreciated the Prime Minister for raising the Afghanistan issue, especially TTP and Pakistan’s security concerns at UNGA.

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