Plight of animals in zoos cause concern

MULTAN, Nov 21 (APP): President of Animals Save Movement Pakistan (ASMP), a global network of activist groups Tuesday expressed concern over plight of animals in zoos across the country.
Talking to APP here , he underlined the zoos were being run by inept management that led to raise question of survival of the sensitive creatures.
He said the death toll of zoo residents was increasing due to inadequate treatment followed by poor nutrition for the animals. It could be proved with the example that Madhubala, the famous female elephant at the Karachi Zoo was on the verge of dying due to starvation and neglect.
He said the ASMP had high concern and called for the government of Sindh to intervene immediately to hold reforms in zoos for welfare of these creatures.
Infect, there is an immediate need for better treatment and nutrition for animals & birds in all zoos of Pakistan, he added.
Referring ‘poor condition of zoo of Dera Ghazi Khan’ as well, Khalid Mahmood appealed to the authority concerned to take immediate action to address the situation.
The potential loss of such a magnificent creature serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for systemic changes in the management and monitoring of Pakistan’s zoos, he maintained.
He urged  the government to prioritize creation of natural environments that supported the physical and psychological well-being of animals to overcome such crisis.
He said the welfare of animals and birds in Pakistan’s zoos was not only a moral concern but a reflection of the nation’s commitment to compassion and responsibility.
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