Pak Iran joint border commission meeting kicks off in Zahedan

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QUETTA, Nov 9 (APP): Pakistan and Iran joint border commission meeting started in the Iranian city of Zahedan on Wednesday.

Chief Secretary Balochistan, Abdul Aziz Uqaili, deputy commissioners of the bordering districts with Iran, law enforcement agencies officials, and members of chambers of commerce and industries in Balochistan are participating in the meeting.

According to official source, Chief Secretary Balochistan Abdul Aziz Uqaili is leading the Pakistani delegation. Governor Sistan-Balochistan, Madras Khayabani leading the Iranian side.

The two-day joint border commission meeting is discussing the movement of people at the Pak-Iran border, bilateral trade, drug traffic, and other issues relating to the more than 900 kms border between the two countries.

Delegations between the two countries have forwarded various proposals about boosting bilateral trade between Pakistan and Iran and the way forward. The two countries always hold the border commission meeting after every quarter.

The two countries would issue a joint declaration at the end of the commission meeting about the issues and boosting the bilateral trade.