Only PML N can steer country out of crises: Maryam Nawaz

Only PML N can steer country out of crises: Maryam Nawaz
MULTAN: February 05 - Chief Organizer and senior vice president of PMLN Maryam Nawaz addressing a workers convention. APP

MULTAN, Feb 05 (APP): Senior Vice President Pakistan Muslim League N and Chief Organizers Maryam Nawaz said on Sunday Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz always steered the country out of crises and it would combat the recent challenges amicably however PML N would continue to inform the nation about the economic disaster caused by the PTI government with the country’s economy.

While addressing the workers’ convention here, Maryam Nawaz stated when PML N got the government in 2022, the country was in a desolate condition as Imran Khan had left no stone unturned to destroyed it completely. Whenever PML N achieved governments, it brought the country to take off position, said Maryam, adding that PML N led government was committed to put the country on a path of progress and prosperity.

Maryam Nawaz stated that she felt immense pain for the masses due to inflation. She however added that last government of PTI was responsible for the price hike in the country. During three regimes of PML N which comprised almost nine years, the country made rapid progress. All mega projects including China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Motorways, Metro Bus Service, Orange Line Train and many others were completed during the tenures of Pakistan Muslim League N.

Maryam observed that PML N made the country a nuclear power. In the 75-year history of Pakistan, if we minus the development of nine years of PML N tenures, nothing in the country, Maryam stated.

When PML N got the government in 2013, the country was facing issues of loadshedding and terrorism. PML N Supremo Muhammad Nawaz Sharif successfully overpowered both challenges. However, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was thrown out of office for not taking salary from his son’s company, Maryam maintained.

There was no inflation during the past regime of PML N, said Maryam adding flour was available at Rs 35/kg, Sugar Rs 50/kg and Ghee Rs 140/Kg. The PML N government, in past, had also signed an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) but there was no inflation in the country.

Maryam stated today IMF is not listening to us due to breach of IMF agreement by Imran Khan. IMF insists on increasing prices, said Maryam adding, if the government follows IMF, then inflation will go up and if we do not, then the country can come to the brink of default. Maryam also criticized the “cabal of five” for damaging the country’s economy through the experience of Imran Khan. Bringing Imran Khan to power was a blunder, she added. Now, it is time to throw away Imran Khan from politics, she said. Imran Khan even could not prove his worth as a good Opposition.

Maryam stated that PTI leadership was unable to face hardships of jails. She stated that PML N leadership was also jailed but they faced the hardship gracefully. Imran Khan hinted at launching to fill the prison, said Maryam adding earlier Niazi was running a campaign to fill the jails. Now, IK is hiding in Zaman Park. Imran Khan himself is afraid of arrest, said Maryam adding she was feeling pity when she observed PTI leadership weeping on arrests. Politicians should have a strong heart, said Maryam and added that she herself faced prison but with courage.

The PML N chief organizers urged the masses to convey the message of the party to the masses in an effective way. She stated that PML N would not only contest elections but it would win with public support.

On this occasion, federal minister for Interior Rana Sana Ullah, Abdur Rehman Kanju, and many other leaders of Multan division were also present.