No corrupt to be let escape: Farrukh

Despite Covid-19, economic challenges Pakistan economy showing upward trends

FAISALABAD, Jan 22 (APP): State Minister for Information & Broadcasting Farrukh Habib said on Saturday that nobody would be allowed to go escort free and the Sharif family would have to be answerable to the state institutions as well as people about their loot and plunder.

Talking to the media during launching a book of prominent writer Nadeem Rizvi at Jinnah Hall
of District Council here, he said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was committed to take all
corrupt elements to task so that entire looted national wealth could be recovered from them.

He said that previous rulers had plundered national wealth with great impunity and now they
were using different tactics to divert the attention of general public from their accountability.

He said that funds of billions were transferred to the accounts of Sharif family including Shahbaz
Sharif but they were still reluctant to expose Masroor Anwar like people who deposited billions
of rupees in their accounts.

He said the opposition trumpeted negative propaganda against the PTI that it was ineligible
to handle the country as well as its economyā€¯, but the time proved that PTI not only dragged
Pakistan from multifaceted crises but also put it on the road to progress and prosperity. Now,
due to prudent policies of the PTI government, the national economy had witnessed 5.37 per cent growth in the GDP during last fiscal year, he added.

He said that corona had badly jolted the entire economic situation in the world. The economies
even of developed countries started squeezing during COVID but on other hand, Prime Minister
Imran Khan adopted smart lockdown policy against complete closure of industries and other
sectors due to which the economy of Pakistan started growing up.

He said that PML-N leaders including Miftah Ismail were also accepting recent GDP growth
rate as it was not only sustainable but also had solid basis, he added.

He said the global community also appreciated smart lockdown policy of PM Imran Khan against
COVID as it not only contained the spread of corona pandemic but also helped people to continue earning their livelihood.

The minister said that 4 persons wanted to usurp the top-slot of PML-N by removing Nawaz Sharif and for this purpose, they were not only hatching conspiracies against each other as well as against Nawaz Sharif but also creating confusion against Local Bodies elections.

He said that Local Bodies elections would soon be arranged in Punjab. Therefore, PTI workers
and activists should keep themselves prepared to take part in LB elections with full strength.

He said that inflation was a global phenomena, adding that due to corona pandemic, the prices
of various items had increased manifolds but the PTI government saved Pakistani people by
passing minimum burden of global inflation on them.

Farrukh Habib said the government evolved a comprehensive strategy, due to which, new industry

was being established in the country rapidly. The government focused on construction sector and
announced special incentives for this sector and its allied industries, he added.

He said the federal government purchased COVID vaccine worth Rs 250 billion dollars and
provided it to the provinces and up till now more than 70 million people were vaccinated against
coronavirus. Now, Pakistan was returning back to normalcy as the UK periodical also ranked
this country as 2nd in normalization index, he added.