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NAB, University of Balochistan collaborate to combat corruption through students

QUETTA, Oct 11 (APP): National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Balochistan hosted a seminar at the University of Balochistan, to foster awareness and a strong aversion to corruption among the students.
The seminar, themed “Engaging Students in the Fight Against Corruption,” was essentially acted as an educational platform, motivating students to come together in their anti-corruption efforts. Subsequently, a significant number of students took part in an awareness walk that followed the event.
Mrs. Zainab, the Dean of the Faculty of Management and Information Sciences, alongside faculty members, staff, and a significant number of students attended the seminar.
Addressing the students, Khawar Ilayas, Director of NAB (Balochistan), emphasized the workings and procedures of NAB and underscored the importance of students in the fight against corruption.
He emphasized the need for a collective effort to combat this societal issue for more effective results. Otherwise, this problem will corrode society from the inside. He highlighted the impactful ways in which students can contribute to fostering a transparent and accountable society.
Mrs. Zainab, the Head of the Management Sciences Department, expressed her thoughts on the subject. Director NAB provided comprehensive responses to the inquiries and questions posed by the young students.


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