Member of gang involved in Illegal currency business arrested

PESHAWAR, Apr 17 (APP): A member of the gang involved in the illegal currency business was arrested during a raid conducted by Commercial Banking Circle Peshawar which recovered Rs.10.17 million money from the Hawala and Hundi here on Wednesday.
According to details, given by the spokesman of the FIA Commercial Banking Circle Peshawar big operation was conducted against elements involved in hawala handi and illegal currency exchange.
Organized gang members involved in Hawala Handi were arrested red-handed by the officials of the FIA. The alleged accused Hamza Ilyas was involved in hundi and illegal currency exchange, FIA spokesman said.
The accused was arrested from Dean’s Trade Center Peshawar, FIA spokesman said. A huge amount of currency was recovered from the accused, the official said. He disclosed a total of Rs. 10.17 million Pakistani rupees were recovered from the alleged accused.
Evidence related to the reference hundi was also recovered from the possession of the accused and the accused could not satisfy the authorities regarding the exported currency, FIA officials said.
The accused has been arrested and investigation has started and raids are being conducted to arrest other accused involved in illegal currency.
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