Mehnaz had “blessed voice” for singing

Mehnaz had
Mehnaz had "blessed voice" for singing

MULTAN, Jan 23 (APP): The 13 Nigar Award winner singer, Mehnaz Begum had “barkat” (blessing) in her voice in musical language and was a much melodious artist.

A senior musician Ustad Sagheer Ahmed, while taking to APP in connection with 9th death anniversary of the singer on Sunday, informed that she used to sing like Asian koel, a member of Cuckoo order of birds.

“Mehnaz had “barkat” in her voice in musical terms and was too euphonious,” Ustad Sagheer Ahmed remaked.

Kajjan begum, mother of the singer was a celebrated artist, he said and added that Mehnaz sang for almost all composers of showbiz industry of Pakistan.

Iconic musician Robin Ghosh made unforgettable composition for Mehnaz especially for Nazar Ul Islam’s blockbuster Bandish, he stated and added that the list of mellow songs sung by her is long.

Radio Pakistan Multan Station Director Asif Khan Khatran informed that Mehnaz Begum started her singing career from Radio Pakistan Karachi, adding that she had inherited musical voice from her mother Kajjan begum.

Her voice was heart penetrating and she had countless fans home and abroad, he said and added the she was rare type of singer who ruled over film industry for a long time.

She sang ghazal, geet and performed as playback singer and had a complete compression of “Surr” Mehnaz Begum made every kind of music immoral which she sang, Khatran recalled.
Riaz Khan, a music lover maintained that Mehnaz Begum was singer who specialized in ghazal, thumri, dadra, khayal, drupad, reciting salam, noha and marsiya.

He noted that “Mera Pyar Tere Jeevan Ke Sang Rahega” written by Masroor Anwarin Pehchan (1975), “Pyar Ka Waada Aisay Nibhaen, Koi Juda Karne Na Pai” by Taslim Fazli in Aaj Aur Kal (1976), “Mujhe Dil Se Na Bhulana” by Taslim Fazliin Aina (1977)
“Tere mere piyar ka aisa naata hai” written by Riaz Arshad In Salakhein (1977) are a few of her hit numbers.

Mehnaz recorded more than 2,500 songs for radio, television, and films and remains as popular today as she was when her first recording was broadcast on radio in 1973, he concluded.