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LWMC completes cleanliness arrangements for Raiwind Ijtema

LAHORE, Feb 20 (APP):Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) has completed all cleanliness arrangements for annual Raiwand Tablighi Ijtema which started here on Tuesday
after Asar prayer. LWMC CEO Babar Sahib Din visited the congregation place to oversee the
sanitation provisions and extended heartfelt congratulations to Town Manager Ali Raza and the dedicated workforce for their exceptional efforts in ensuring cleanliness. With over 120 workers and 25 vehicles actively engaged in the cleaning operation in preparing for the Raiwand Tablighi Ijtema. The meticulous washing of the route leading to the venue has been completed. The LWMC CEO assured that, as in previous years this year’s preparations
for cleanliness are unparalleled with the utmost priority given to providing a
clean environment for participants.According to LWMC spokesperson Umar Chaudhry, LWMC officers and workers would be on duty in three shifts, demonstrating a round-the-clock commitment to cleanliness. Furthermore, three water bowsers would be deployed to sprinkle
water around the congregation place, enhancing the overall cleanliness conditions
till the conclusion of Ijtema on February 25.

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