KPCTA arranges bikers rally, 22 Malaysians to travel Chitral from Islamabad

PESHAWAR, May 13 (APP): Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Culture and Tourism Authority (KPCTA) has arranged a rally of bikers participated by around 22 Malaysians which will pass through different scenic spots of the province and culminate at Shandoor valley in Chitral.

According to a press release, the rally was arranged with the cooperation of different tourists and Appo Bikers Club.

The rally started on Friday from Islamabad and will reach to Swat district in the evening while passing through Malakand top.

The Malaysian bikers will proceed further from Swat to Lowari Tunnel, Chitral, Kalash, Kaklusht and Shandoor top.

The participants of the rally will stay at different locations of the mountainous region besides enjoying local hospitality and cuisine, adds the press release. They will also participate in Chilumdost festival of Kalash community in Chitral.

The purpose of holding the bikers rally is to promote the image of the province at international level.

The rally will also promote potential of adventure tourism in Pakistan in general and KP in particular.