KP Food Safety, Halal Food Authority’s big action in Peshawar

Food Authority
PESHAWAR, Feb 28 (APP):The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety and Halal Food Authority Peshawar team raided a factory in Mian Gujjar that was manufacturing tea leaves from unhealthy ingredients, said the spokesperson of the Food Authority here on Wednesday.
He said more than 2000 kg of unhealthy and substandard tea leaves were seized after exporting them.
Tea leaves were being prepared from non-food colouring, bran, used tea, gypsum powder and molasses syrup in very poor sanitary conditions, said the spokesman.
The owners fled after seeing the Food Authority officials, the spokesperson said, adding initiation of action under the Food Safety Act against factory owners was taken.
The official said that strict disciplinary action will be taken against such elements.
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