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Kohat Food Department cracks down on illegal food vendors

KOHAT, Feb 13 (APP):The Assistant Food Controller on Tuesday, conducted a raid on various restaurants, bakeries, ovens, and grocery shops in Kohat Bazaar to ensure the provision of good quality food to the public.

According to details issued by the office of Deputy Commissioner (DC), Assistant Food Controller Gulab Gul visited the market and inspected various restaurants, bakers, ovens, vegetables and fruits, and grocery shops on the directions of DC Dr Azmatullah Wazir.

The operation was carried out to ensure standards of food according to the health standards.

During the raid, several vendors were found selling expired and unhygienic food.

The vendors were fined and food was confiscated. In addition, the Assistant Food Controller issued a warning to all vendors in Kohat Bazaar to sell food that meets the health standards.

He further said that the Food Department will continue to crack down on illegal food vendors to ensure that the people of Kohat have access to safe and healthy food


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