Karvan-e-Wafa continues to express solidarity with PM Imran Khan

Karvan-e-Wafa continues to express solidarity with PM Imran Khan
KARACHI: April 02 - Opposition Leader in the Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh distributes pamphlets of Karwan-e-Wafa at Korangi area. APP

KARACHI, Apr 02 (APP):Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh’s Karvan-e-Wafa aimed at expressing solidarity with Prime Minister Imran Khan on the second consecutive day visited different areas of Karachi.

The Karvan-e-Wafa, led by Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh and PTI Karachi president Bilal Abdul Gaffar, resumed on Saturday from Korangi area of the metropolis where MPA Raja Azhar and other local PTI leaders arranged a camp.

The caravan marching on different roads passed by Landhi, Quaidabad and Malir to Sohrab goth locality. PTI workers and a large number of people welcomed it by showering flower petals and chanting slogans in favour of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Haleem Adil Sheikh, Bilal Gaffar and other PTI leaders distributed pamphlets among the people to impart them awareness of current political situation of the country, point of view of Imran Khan on internal and external issued being confronted by the nation and achievements of Imran Khan led PTI government in different sectors.

Haleem Adil Sheikh while speaking to public gatherings and media persons said that people of Karachi have expressed confidence on courageous and selfless leadership of Imran Khan and lamented the political parties who become part of conspiracy against the homeland. He said that enthusiastic participation of masses in the Carvan-e-Wafa indicated that PTI will clean sweep upcoming elections in Karachi.

Sheikh said that nation tomorrow (on Sunday) will witness on D-chowk Islamabad sincere, dedicated and patriotic political leadership on one side and all the traitors and self serving elements gathered on the other side. He said that traitors who were serving to foreign agenda and interests had been exposed before the nation and Imran Khan will thwart their conspiracies and will smoothly sail out of foreign funded crisis with support of people of Pakistan. PM Imran Khan will be triumphant and opponents will fall in their own trap, he added.

“PML-N’s Khuwaja Asif who named Fazlur Rehman as Moulana Diesel and termed USA as ventilator must know that US would be a ventilator for you but we believe that all the powers belongs to Almighty Allah and He is our ventilator,” Haleem Adil remarked. He strongly censured Shehbaz Sharif for calling Pakistanis a beggar nation and said that Shehbaz and accomplice themselves were beggars of dollar while the Pakistanis are a nation having deep sense of self respect and national honour.

PML-N leaders had crossed all the limits but Shehbaz could not become prime minister while foreign power has bought Asif Zardari from dollar store and got the little Zardari free in ‘buy one get one’ scheme, he satirically commented. Prime Minister Imran Khan reinvigorated the national spirit of Pakistani nation and now entire nation is fervently responding to call of the captain, Haleem Adil said. Bilal Gaffar said that people of Karachi with their remarkable support to Karvan-e-Wafa have pronounced their judgement in favour of Imran Khan and they seemed committed and determined to fail the foreign funded agenda,

He also taken exception of Shehbaz Sharif’s derogatory remarks for Pakistani nation and said that PML-N leadership is coward who made a deal with Pervaiz Musharaf and abandoned country, their party and the nation for the sake of personal interests only and now the were again demanding NRO from Imran Khan.

He said that after revelation of foreign influences it is no more battle of survival of PM Imran Khan or PTI government but it has become battle of sovereignty and solidarity of Pakistan. PTI MPA Raja Azhar said that results of second phase of local government elections in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa is reflection of desires of people of Pakistan. Masses across the country are coming forward to extend their support to PM Imran Khan, he added.

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