India can’t dare cast an evil eye on Pakistan: AJK PM

India can't dare cast an evil eye on Pakistan: AJK PM
MIRPUR  (AJK): Sep 07 (APP) ::Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Chaudhry Anwar ul Haq has said that India cannot dare cast an evil eye on Pakistan.
Talking to media in the federal metropolis on Thursday, the AJK prime minister said that India has tried this in the recent past but the way the Pakistani Shaheens hit the Indian plane and captured the pilot in the Bhimber area of Azad Kashmir was a great shock for the Indians.
“India will never repeat the same mistake”, the PM said, adding the Chankya doctrine was based on deceit and deception.
The PM said that the ultimate goal of Kashmiris was to join Pakistan.Referring to the Indian government’s designs in the region, he said India would never succeed in its nefarious designs. He said that India cannot wipe the eternal love for Pakistan away from Kashmiris’ hearts.
“Pakistan has always supported us politically, morally and diplomatically”, the PM said.He said that the Army Chief Gen. Asim Munir’s recent statement raised the morale of Kashmiris on both sides of the line of control.Terming Kashmiris’ ongoing freedom movement as an indigenous struggle, the AJK premier said that India has miserably failed in attempts to malign the Kashmiris’ just and legitimate struggle for the right to self determination.He said that if everything was normal in Kashmir, then for what purpose India has deployed 900,000 troops in the Occupied territory.
India, he said, has unleashed a reign of terror in the region. ” There are thousands of unknown graves, violence and blood shed, oppression and suppression, atrocities and human rights violations being committed by the Indian occupation forces in Kashmir”, he said.
The prime minister said that it was only the power of guns with which India has been controlling everything in Kashmir. He said that India enjoys a certain degree of political leverage because of its large consumer market, but one thing was very clear that it cannot hold Kashmir and the Kashmiris hostage for a long time.
“Though the success of freedom movements is not pre ordinated but I am sure that Kashmiri people will succeed in their struggle for freedom.In response to a question regarding the upcoming elections in India, the PM said that the anti-Pakistan rhetoric was likely to go up as India goes to the polls in 2024.He said that the Indians might get rid of Modi provided they showed a little bit of political consciousness.  On inflated power bills and hydel related issues, the PM said that an out of the box solution was required to solve these issues. He said there was a dire need to revisit the IPPs besides reducing the circular debt.He said that urgent relief will have to be given to the people in electricity bills.
He said that Azad Kashmir, which requires just 350 MW to fulfil its energy needs, produces 2800 MW of cheap electricity.He said that it was quite unfortunate that the electricity purchased from us at a very low cost was being sold to us via DISCOs at highly exorbitant rates.He said that AJK government’s share in federal revenue was 90 billion, from which 20 billion rupees were deducted by the federal government on account of the electricity arrears.
In response to another query, the PM said that for him, Muzaffarabad Mansehra and Mirpur Motorway, was a game changer.In response to another question, he said it was a difficult responsibility to run a coalition government.He said that the Kashmiri diaspora was the beautiful face of Kashmir.
He said that the government would provide VVIP protocol to investors who would invest their capital in the region.” There are vast investment opportunities in the tourism sector, local industries, and the hotel industry”, the PM said, adding that investors should take advantage of the prevailing investor-friendly environment in the region.
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