Immediate relief is government’s top priority: CM Punjab

CM thanks PML-N, allied parties for strengthening democracy
CM thanks PML-N, allied parties for strengthening democracy

FAISALABAD, May 07 (APP): Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz said that immediate relief to the inflation-hit masses is top priority of the government and major reshuffling in police and civil bureaucracy is at the anvil to encourage and entrust responsibilities to the competent officers who can cooperate with the government to facilitate the people.

Addressing a press conference at local Circuit House here on Saturday, he said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has set worst traditions of mismanagements and corruption which has multiplied the governance problems. “W have to work hard to put the province at the right direction”, he added.

He criticized the so-called Mr. Clean government and said that the lofty claims have been exposed by the misuse of Tosha Khana and Farrah Gogi and investigation was still in progress regarding ring road and many other projects with hidden corruption.

He said that so-called media pundits of PTI are trying their optimum best to prove that Imran government was never involved in any kind of corruption but the facts are otherwise.

He said that previous government played havoc with the institutions for its own ulterior motives and we must take immediate remedial measures to put the province back on the right track.

He said that due to highhandedness of the governor, the largest province of Pakistan was facing constitutional crisis and he could not finalize the cabinet to service the masses.

He said that Imran Niazi has proved himself as a “Suicide Bomber” for the system but we not allow him to distort it.

He said that the bad governance and corruption prevailed during the last 4 years of Imran Niazi which has ruined the national economy. An additional burden of Rs.2400 billion has been put on the country and the nation has to realize his blunders which are perpetrating inflation, price hike and unemployment in the country.

He said that we do not believe in politics of victimization but the responsible culprits have to pay for their loot and plunder.

He said that on the behest of Imran, an artificial constitutional crisis was created in the province. But it was diluted as soon as he took oath as the Chief Minister.

Till now he was working day and night to provide maximum relief to the masses, he added.
He said that Usman Buzdar and Farrah Gogi have ruined this province and we have to start reconstruction work from where we had left it.

He said that 30 percent cameras of Safe City Project have become faulty which is creating law & order problems. “I will pick a team of competent and energetic officers who can support his efforts to facilitate the masses”, he added

He said that people interest would remain supreme and he would face the opponents with the active support of his allies.

He said that PML-N had spent Rs.3200 billion on development schemes; projects of 12000
megawatt electricity were launched and motorways were constructed in addition to many other mega projects but the so-called Imran government failed to initiate even a single mega project during four years of its tenure.

He said that the country is passing through a critical situation and we would formulate policies on emergent basis to drag Pakistan out of the current turmoil.

He said that all political parties must realize the importance of election reforms so that fair, free and impartial elections could be ensured and winning party could undertake its manifesto with the support of the masses.

He said that he would try his best to transform Pakistan into a state envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah if he was given opportunity to serve the masses.

He said that he was not in habit of boosting to set everything right overnight, but he is confident to take steps to redress the people’s problems on emergent basis.

He condemned the criticism on Supreme Court by Imran Khan and said that Khan intends to make Pakistan a “banana republic” through his fascist policies.

He said that our previous record has proved that PMLN successfully reined in the menace of load shedding and with the blessing of Allah Almighty and confidence of the masses, he would continue his track record of serving masses.

Responding to a question about journalist’s colony in Faisalabad, he said that he would sympathetically consider this proposal,

Yet to another query, he said that after his election by the Punjab Assembly, there is no legal requirement to get fresh vote of confidence from the house.

He also answered divergent questions raised by the media persons.

Earlier, he attended the Valima ceremony of the son of MNA Raja Riaz Ahmad.

He also visited District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital and inquired about the availability of medical facilities.