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HWA lauds Sindh govt’s decision of issuing Kisan Cards to farmers

HYDERABAD, Mar 24 (APP): The Hari Welfare Association (HWA) has lauded Sindh government’s decision to provide Kisan Cards(Hari Cards) to farmers.

In a statement on Sunday, HWA President Akram Khaskheli said that during the PPP Sindh government’s third term in 2021, a promise was made to introduce ‘Hari Cards’ for underprivileged farmers, along with a subsidy of 3 billion rupees (for those with less than 16 acres of landholdings) which has fulfilled in its fourth term in which government has reiterated its pledge to provide Kisan Cards (Hari Cards) to farmers who would benefit from various government schemes such as subsidies, loans, and insurance.

HWA has expressed serious concern about several key points, including the lack of groundwork or documentation and the exclusion of landless sharecropping peasants.

Akram Khaskheli urged the government to conduct a survey to identify and provide benefits to genuinely impacted small-scale landowners, who suffered greatly in the recent floods or have been unable to meet basic needs amidst an unending wave of inflation.

HWA demanded that the government should not only provide cards to landlords but also to its tenants or sharecropping peasants.

Additionally, it urged for a comprehensive survey to be conducted and used to devise steps to ensure that this scheme genuinely benefits the deserving peasants and small-scale landowners.



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