Grand Jirga invites disgruntled Baloch to join mainstream

Balochistan CM

QUETTA, Dec 6 (APP): The Grand Tribal Jirga of Balochistan has appealed to the disgruntled Baloch to join the mainstream and play their role in the development of the country while emphasizing the resolution of all mutual conflicts for sustainable peace in the province.

The Grand Jirga held here on Wednesday was presided over by Caretaker Chief Minister of Balochistan Mir Ali Mardan Khan Domki.

Addressing the Jirga, Domki said Balochistan is in the grip of long-standing tribal disputes, but efforts can be accelerated to end them through trustworthy people.

He said, “I would like to request all the reliable people to take a personal interest in resolving these issues of tribal conflicts in Balochistan and accelerate efforts for the peaceful settlement of disputes between local tribes.”

He urged the tribal elders to talk to the angry Balochs to come and play their role in the construction and development of the province and the country.

Ali Mardan said, “There is no room for any kind of concession and leniency on the integrity and survival of the country.
It should be understood that the state was always ready to defend the country and no one was allowed to destroy the peace of the country.”

Minister of Home and Tribal Affairs Mir Zubair Khan Jamali welcomed all the tribal leaders and highlighted the main aims
of the Jirga. He also welcomed the people who joined the national stream and were associated with the anti state activities for a long time but today they are convinced it has nothing to do except destruction.

Speaking at the Jirga, Tribal leader Nawab Muhammad Khan Shahwani said for the resolution of tribal conflicts in the province, the help of commissioners, deputy commissioners and administrative officers was needed.

He said regional reconciliation committees should be formed in this regard to ensure the promotion of peace by resolving local-level conflicts so it will have positive effects.

Former federal minister and tribal leader Sardar Umar Khan Gorgaij said steps should be taken to resolve the conflicts between different tribes in the province.

Caretaker Minister for Sports Nawabzada Mir Jamal Khan Raisani said, “Pakistan is the country that we earned through immense sacrifices rendered by our forefathers.”

He said that we are all one and have to forget the conflicts for the development of Pakistan.

Caretaker Provincial Law Mir Amanullah Khan Kanrani said that lasting peace can be established in Balochistan by establishing justice and the rule of law.

A former militant, Gulzar Imam Shambay said that after fifteen years of armed struggle, I have concluded that the solution to Balochistan’s problems is only through peace dialogue.

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